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South West of New York

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Kaptain Annoying, A person who decided early in life that the squeaky wheel did get more oil. This is his video history since he hired a new cameraman.

He tries to be more annoying every single day. And the number of annoyances he has gathered are legend. While no annoyance may be in themselves much. He constantly enters new areas of annoyance to spread the wealth.

Little things you hate, may have Kaptain Annoying behind it.

Who leaves the last drops of cream?
Who causes those little annoyances that turn into battles?
Why is you you catch every red light when you're running late? Who rubber stamped the vista security alerts to the next level?

You can blame Kaptain Annoying. And then he will just find other things to annoy you with.

And yes, he does want to become Major Annoying!

Visit his blog at captainannoying.com

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