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My goal: to create engaging cinematic stories that emphasize the human experience while addressing the language and form of film.

A filmmaker from New York, I am enamored with all aspects of filmmaking and enjoy the process of bringing an idea to life, while always aiming for the cinematic experience. I believe each idea has its “right form,” whether that be a poem, a photograph, or film. All art is the art of having each thing in its place.

I also maintain A-BitterSweet-Life, a space for that which inspires, from philosophy to photography, with an emphasis on cinema.


To me cinema is the art of having each thing in its place. In this it resembles all the other arts. Like the anecdote about Johann Sebastian Bach playing for a student, the student gushes with admiration, but Bach says, “There’s nothing to admire. You just have to hit the note at the right time, and the organ does the rest.” - Robert Bresson

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