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John the Houseband is a project born in Amsterdam in the Theatreschool from a group of dancers and choreographers from Sweden, Iceland, Belgium, Spain and Germany.

John the Houseband came together as a collaborative changing body, a band, which is not a band in normal terms, but an art project. A projection, a quest and investigation of LIFE: live music, practice, performance and different persons and identities. John is inspired by the particular ability of live music to affect an audience in a direct and very primal way.

What joins John strongly is the interest of combining live music on stage with the moving body and the ability of moving the audience.

John the Houseband consists of three mikrocorgs, two ukuleles, a spanish guitar, melodica and drums. John´s aim is to blur the boundaries between concert and performance, profession and amateurism, skills and dedication.

On individual levels, the members of John are working with dance companies such as Damaged Goods/Meg Stuart and Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus, touring with the Aerowaves dance network and performing independently their own work with various artists all over Europe.

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