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  1. 02:40


    by Pictorial Heroes

    1 Video

    A folio of sketches extracts and on-going experiments with cameras of all formats and even some film!

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    by Pictorial Heroes

    3 Videos

    Commissioned for Channel 4's short-lived 'renegade TV strand XXXTripping was originally set to be a x3 half hour series on transgressive culture. Despite contributions from many high-profile…

  3. 04:53

    Television works between 1995-2000

    by Pictorial Heroes

    3 Videos

    Trailers, extracts, entire films and much much more of work done by Pictorial Heroes between 1995 - 2000

  4. 00:00

    Last stands and Lost causes 1984-1990

    by Pictorial Heroes

    6 Videos

    Pictorial Heroes was founded by 2 graduates of Maidstone College of Art's seminal Artist Video course, Doug Aubrey and Alan Robertson. Both went on also to study at internationally renowned School…

  5. 00:00

    Work Rest and Play 1989-1995

    by Pictorial Heroes

    5 Videos

    Made over a period of 6 years, Pictorial Heroes magnum opus: Work, Rest and Play represented not just a farewell to the world of video art, but also a ground-breaking fusion of image making, text…

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