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This is one of the most demanded and unique Project, which is created basing on innovative high technologes, as well as sexuality and charm of women beauty!

She has visited more than 20 countries, including: South Africa, Canada, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Indonesia, Cyprus, Lebanon, South Korea, Switzerland, India, France, Egypt, Russia, Libya, Bulgaria , Bali, Germany, Denmark.

In 2011 she was photographed for the magazine "MAXIM" . Ukrainian publish is proclaim her as the "Sexiest DJ LADY OF UKRAINE".
TOP 21 DJs in Ukraine according to ""

Bright and not imitate NICOLE MY presents a new project LIVE DJ SHOW "feel the music touch". This project was a sensation in the club culture, which caused a great interest and discussion on TV and club pres! LIVE DJ SHOW -"feel the music touch" is foremost a fashion-branded music, created on the basis of future dj - equipment, which the viewer can not only hear but also see!

This equipment is a huge transparent touch panel (45 inches diagonal), played by new technologies Emulator (a).Manufacturer - Smithson Martin Emulator. With its bright and unique interface, Emulator, allows you to mix your tracks. Originality of the project "feel the music touch" is that it replaces standart and primitive dj – equipment and also allows the viewer to see and hear the entire process of creating a DJ-set with all it’s details.

NICOLE M.Y. is a feminine and sexy innovation of the future. For now, she is one of the several DJ’s around the world, who uses high-tech new technology Emulator (a).

While visiting such a performance, you'll be introduced to the mysterious Innovative technologies of creating a music DJ set.

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