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I like to create through acting and writing mainly. My two sons are musical and they write songs. I was a vocalist in rock bands during the 1980s and co-wrote many songs also.

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  1. Andrew M. Bell commented on Untitled
    This was my son's band from Intermediate School, aged about 11-12 years old, playing in a Nation-wide Secondary School band competition called Smokefree Rockquest. They called the band "Hypo" ( a name my son didn't particularly like) and played an…
  2. This was the original video enhanced using an effect called "Xerxes" to give it a grainy noir look. I quite like it.
  3. I think it is really great how Rasta stands up (or paddles) for what he believes in. If only more people had his passion. He said it "it's not about quantity but QUALITY of life". When it's gone, we may never get it back.