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  1. matt friswell
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  1. fantastic work
  2. Why do all the demos of these new stabilisers show people swinging them around like demented weightlifters. Shaking them to and fro why not just go to footage of what they can do. I think the problem is, they cant do that well. They' a way to go yet
  3. Nice work i keep waiting for those baddies to appear from tombraider
  4. frankE commented on Shambala
    wow beautiful amazing work ur a talent matt i wanna go there lol
  5. frankE commented on Painting Faces
    A beautiful subject to film what a talent. Great film great editing so sorry to hear of the thieves taking your expensive equipment I wonder do they even know what it is? From reading this it looks like be steady helped you out thats super if true
  6. brilliant video lads thanks for the upload
  7. were there masks used outside of m bullet?