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We're playing as VJ in a little club on Miskolc, Hungary, in Babylon Club.
My work is play music videos, make parties and promote the artists, and advertise them too.
We always try present new, quality stuffs too, We are looking for LABELs and DJ's, Artists to play their clip, with permission.
If you think, your the clip worthy to play in the parties, please contact us, send PM here.

Thanks for your help!

DBL Team



  1. Jodeb
  2. Jota Aronak
  3. 12Records
  4. DBN
  5. discowax
  6. syuji honda
  7. Adam Barta
  8. Alex M.
  9. Wesley Versteeg, VIP3Rmedia
  10. Antoine Manceaux
  11. octavian kobzzon
  12. Iztok H. Schutz
  13. Sing Yam
  14. Michal Jaworski
  15. Vadim
  16. Bratislav Stankovic
  17. Everything Is Okay
  18. John Van Noten

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  1. Thanks alot for the quick help! Best, Dbl
  2. Hi. I can not upload videos with my account. I do not send any messages for a few month ( i never sent any spam), or upload videos nowadays, but i would like to. now. Can you please check my acount, and help me? Would be amazing. Thanks for your…