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These videos are sort of sermons from a disabled prophet of God on welfare. I've gotten signs that heaven likes to keep things simple and low budget and that I filled the billing for it. Two examples of me as a prophet to the USA are classes L124 & 171 on this page >>, (15 min). More proof and crash course summaries are 186, 186a & 186b (15 min ea @ vimeo.com/user8696549/videos/page:4/sort:date). Classes 99 & L123 might be the best except they are over 1 hour, (L123 is on this page >>).

My bio: Born 10-20-56, and raised in California 19 years. Moved to Alaska (8-4-76) and worked on the pipeline for 16 years until I became disabled and moved to Hawaii 11-6-92. I've lived here, (mentally disabled i.e. a low capacity for stress), 21 years except for driving across the USA 5 times in 5 months in 1994. That was when I learned I was "the one" and that "rhythm nation" drive, (Janet Jackson's song was prophetic of it), was to announce and confirm the revelation I got that "hell had frozen over", (The Eagles reunite CD titled "Hell Freezes Over" was also a prophetic confirmation sign to the USA and the world that everyone is going to heaven when they die). "The powers that be" persecuted me up to the 9-11 disaster and then backed off. Apparently they were persuaded (9-11) that there is a God. Now (9-2013), I'm promoting my classes about this like 186, L123 & L124 at Vimeo or Viddler, (sometimes they need to be watched more than once to get up to speed with them). They are a summary of my classes and a crash course about the Apocalypse (Now) and my calling to represent Jesus' return, (an awkward job but somebody had to do it). My blog is at friendfeed.com/ .

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