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  1. L127 is a 1940s Pecos Bill prophecy of me saying "squirm you powerless worms" to the powers that be.

  2. L126, I watched this four times in a row (right after I made it) to convince me of how much God helps me to make these classes.

  3. 188a was made to explain my music message PlayList #5 at You Tube.

  4. 193= YOU TIPPED^ YOUR^ HAND^ GIRLS^ WITH THIS MEAN AS HELL LAW AGAINST DEADBEAT DADS then the prayer that protected me from them

  5. CLASS 123 is the Bible vs Real Life, like gays as ^The Reluctant Dragon^. Also the Rapture, Revelation, Jesus' return & WWII=wow

  6. YOU GOT IT ALL=God's OJ on THE CHURCH & the same^thumbnail^game THE FBI^did at^188 (this is a.k.a. class 179C).

  7. 188=How to get to PLANET (rated) X? It's by God's mercy, then me,^MY CLASSES^ & permission for sex being mocked away @ 4 min.

  8. #192 is permission to loosen up for presidential daughters, (with #194), how much more does that apply to everyone else.

  9. #194 is PERMISION TO LOOSEN UP part 2, then how God got me to pray & to finally see how important prayer is & pass it on to you.

  10. 212 is rated R and about the feedback to class 211 (a.k.a. 185) & a link to The National ^Memorial Cemetery ^ of the Pacific.

  11. #206 is the USA was on time in Vietnam at class #202 and this parallel of me looking for Miss Rights in 206 confirms it, Rated R

  12. Class #202 is Vietnam & Korea notes then Japan's quake & tsunami and the divine signs involved with these, rated R.

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