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  1. #4 has a Sweet & Low "theory of relativity" explanation of Pearl Harbor, the 911 disaster and a Heal The World Christmas present

  2. L127G is at my YouTube PlayList 11 as an intro to the song “Don't they know IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD?”, with proof of that.

  3. L126B:^FEELING LUCKY PUNK?^ GO AHEAD & MAKE MY DAY= ^Godzilla LIARS^ meet the wrath of God & end my classes & YouTube playlists.

  4. 186c is using the flag for a^Foot Mat!^A warning to roaches: if you step on that flag then heaven has an excuse to kill you.

  5. 186D is A Race of The Truth Verses Lies.

  6. L127F is proof^of^the^PERMISSION^FOR^SEX we could've had in the 1970s (&@188a) and that women & porn own the song YOU'RE SO VAIN

  7. L127e is Moses, Joseph, Alaska, Vietnam vets & Cinderella.

  8. L127D is the advantage I have over my enemies due to being married to God as "the bride of Christ".

  9. L127c explains my playlist 2 at YouTube isn't mine, you can't put limits on God, these songs and movies apply to everyone.

  10. L127 is Walt Disney’s 1948 prophecy of me as Pecos Bill saying to The Powers That Be "Squirm you powerless worms!".

  11. L126, I watched this four times in a row (right after I made it) to convince me of how much God helps me to make these classes.

  12. 188a is going ^THROUGH THE FIRE^ for God on my rhythm nation drive to advertise that HELL FREEZES OVER; then sex perms & 9/11/01

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