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Crestfallen Productions are a film production company with bases in the York area and in London. We formed in 2003 while still at university making the short film “like a charm” as a final year project. Our next short film ‘A Plaster, a Paper, and a Cheese & Pickle Sandwich’ was executively produced by Kent-based Coffee Films, and played at festivals from Finland to Cannes, via Portobello. We made our third short film, ‘0800-FINALGIRL’ in 2008 and has played at a handful of festivals in the UK. 'Roseberry Road' (formally 'The Journey') is in post-production and should be finished this Autumn.

We are also working on some new scripts as well as collaborating with other local filmmakers.

Crestfallen Productions‘ full-time members are Sheena Holliday and Adam Greenwood, and we collaborate with a talented team of crew members on each film.

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