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GET YOUR ACTS TOGETHER is the artists booking leg of OTHERKIND, a Barcelona based production company offering a diverse range of services in the entertainment industry such as event production; artist management, sound system design and manufacturing, recording studio design and construction; acoustic solutions.

Get Your Acts Together was naturally born from touring Nouvelle Vague around the world for the past 2 years. We discovered a fascinating world of music in the solo projects of Nouvelle Vague's musician´s and singers. Their musicianship and creativity can be fully appreciated in their own repertoire. The roster is eclectic and showcases some of the best artists from the new Parisian music scene. All other artists on the roster have been met on tour and chosen for the quality of their shows.

Get Your Acts Together because you can book several bands with a small traveling party since the same musicians play in several of the proposed projects, which is good news for everyone!

We have an ethical approach to client & artist relationships and strongly believe in the quality of the live performances of all artists in the roster.

Please check : for the full roster.

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