Nigel Wiesehan

Los Angeles, Ca.

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Nigel began his career at Nothing Studios in New Orleans (home of the Industrial band, Nine Inch Nails). While at Nothing Studios he received in-depth professional mentoring as an assistant engineer on multiple NIN albums and remixes. Also during this time, Nigel co-founded the band deadhandsystem. DHS went on to write their album, "Project:Darwin", which received world wide sales, radio play, and led to headlining tours and opening for Marilyn Manson.

As Nigel's composing career progressed, he remained working with and learning from film composers, Charlie Clouser and Clint Mansell. As their programming assistant, Nigel contributed to the production of numerous remixes and films. He has since achieved notoriety as a programmer, ghost writer, and music mixer for the FOX T.V. show Fastlane, the pilot episode for CSI:NY on CBS, and the films Murder by Numbers, Darren Aronofsky's; π, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, The Wrestler and Black Swan (featured on Guitarviol). Other credits include; World Traveler, The Hole, Suspect Zero, Sahara, Trust The Man, Doom, Wind Chill, Smokin' Aces, Definitely Maybe, Moon, Blood: The Last Vampire and L'affaire Farewell.

Nigel has also scored many independent films including: Heartache, DeJa Vu, Yell Down War Hell Ride, Honey Bunny, LA:CA, I've Been Us, The Beginning of December, Veterans Affairs, and most recently, Walking to the Cage.

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