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Funkedup fixies sell customised fixed gear bikes and single speed bikes all over Europe. Design a fixie or single speed bike just for you, choosing from thousands of colour combinations that not only look great, but also help reflect you and your personal identity.

With a unique, fun and user friendly website and free shipping in Europe- It’s easy and it’s affordable!! To find out more and see the bikes for yourself- Check out


***Who are we?

As a company we are a young and creative group of individuals passionate about what we do- and we LOVE bikes! We love skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding and surfing too, but cycling has always been our no.1.. We’ve been involved in successful bicycle and multi-media related businesses for over 5 years. We’re all about top quality and top level service-And we’re actually pretty damn good at what we do.. ;)


***What are the goals for FunkedUp?

We like where cycling is going - and want to become a part of the future of cycling and the bicycle industry in Europe and around the world.

We want to make our mark on the urban landscape - with stylish, unique and high quality products, components and accessories.

We want to satisfy function and fashion - allowing individuals to express their tastes, their styles and their unique personalities through the quality products they buy.

***How do we do what we do?

We focus on quality! -We source and create bicycle products that are not only of the highest quality around, but also look great, and help reflect you and your personal identity.

We value the same things you do! -We recognise that when you spend your money on something, you want to get the right product for you - well guess what? We want that too! So whenever possible we want you to be able to put your mark on your product so you can truly make it your own.

We listen! -We strive to produce and deliver the best products, at the best prices around, and we want every single FunkedUp Fixies customer to be 100% satisfied with their purchase. We don't just want you buy products from us, we want you to buy into us and into our community. We, in turn, will do our best to promote the European fixed gear and bicycle community- supporting fixie events around the continent, and supplying the products that you want- at the prices you want.

We know our market- because we are our market! -We’re bike lovers and consumers ourselves- just like you. We also run solid streamlined businesses- but you won’t find any corporate B$%s%t here. We know our stuff and what is cool for us, is guaranteed going to be cool for you.

Hit us up on facebook or email us at to find out more...

Peace and Love,
Olaf O’Moore, CEO, Funked Up Fixies.

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