christopher wilocki

Durango, Colorado

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I live to create pictures. I see the world with the eyes of a print. I frame things constantly and dream about creating images that cause the viewer to loose their breath for at least one second. My love for the the mountains was planted "Inception" style by my grandmother. Every movie she watched with me as a child was about the mountains, Alaska, Colorado, Utah. She would gasp at every vista and every view. And those breathless moments never left my head. And never will.

While residing in Chicago I made lasting working relationships with BMG models Chicago, Honor Flight Chicago, INK Magazine and Rangar Relay Races.

I currently reside in Durango, CO with my cameras, bikes and too much gear. I live for coffee and conversation. And never use headphones when I run

I prefer a warm voice to a stale email. 815.641.4563

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