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Brooklyn, NY

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Treating the map editors in video games as virtual sound stages, foci + loci create immersive electro-acoustic spaces with virtual instruments and timed audiovisual events. Saving and replaying digital game data, camera movement in space can be disassociated from time, changing traditional filmic relationships. We are interested in exploring the topological treatment of time and space afforded by game engines.


  1. TAG Research Center
  2. Jeff Thompson
  3. NYU Game Center
  4. Jane Tingley
  5. R. Luke DuBois
  6. mike rosenthal
  7. Tedb0t
  8. CRCA
  9. caspar stracke
  10. Gabriela Monroy
  11. ian cheng
  12. Victor Morales
  13. 2 Player Productions
  14. Richard Alexander Caraballo
  15. mrghosty
  16. jeremy slater
  17. Kieran Nolan
  18. EM Dash

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