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Anastasia Mastrakouli was born in 1989 in Athens and grew up in Lamia and is currently a fifth year undergraduate student at Ionian University, Department of Audio Visual Arts.
Since 2005 she has participated in festivals and group exhibitions of plastic arts and visual arts, contemporary art, photography, paintings and illustrations, interactive audiovisual installations. In 2010 she participated in the student experimental theatrical team “ΘέARTo” as choreographer and interpreted the role of Dancer in single act play Louise Bryant “The Game”, adapted by George Tsirogiannis and Kostantis Ntisios and directed by the last one. Her experimental short films and video art have been screened in local and international Film Festivals. The short film "Barriers" [2010, co-produced with George Tsirogiannis] extracted the reward “the New Generation against the social stereotypes” in the competitive part in the 13th Patras International Film Festival. In 2012 she was awarded the second place in the photography competition "Music and Musicians" organized by KYMA FM.

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