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Gettysburg, PA

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Film score composer.

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  1. This is a the usual fun, creative film that we have come to expect from Dawn Campbell and her cast and crew. Job well done!!!
  2. This concept is fresh, unique, and the music that underpins the emotions of the images is amazing. I want to see and hear more! Best wishes for much success on this project!
  3. The camera work is quite nice. And, of course, how can one go wrong with Pachelbel's Canon in D?! Did anyone else notice how the filmmaker got the hand-tapping synced with the music? Pretty neat. Great film composition! Keep up the fine work.
  4. I really like this film short. The film has you thinking that you are going down one path, and then you learn you are being taken in a totally different, and dramatic, direction. The twist is a good one with profound instruction as to the affects…