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As a Director I aim to create entertaining and challenging films, that feel fresh and innovative.

I tend to choose alternative narratives that allow me to employ theatre techniques, dance moves and graphic novel framing.

At the moment I mainly work as PA/Production Coordinator on high-end commercials, but I've worked across the board, from Promo stylist to Versioning Producer. My experience in the industry has given me a thorough understanding of the process which helps me see an idea through from concept to delivery.

I keep investing in personal projects such as ‘Glance’ for the National Dance Company of Wales, ‘Daily Grind’, made in 48 hrs and ‘Because’ (in collaboration with up-and-coming Spanish directors), with the objective of gaining recognition for my creative work.


  1. Nedeem Al-Astrabadi
  2. AlexandLiane
  3. Pedro Pinto
  4. Jared Levy
  5. Astrid Edwards
  6. Tin Man
  7. Little Baztard

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