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I have recently graduated with a masters in architecture in which time I dedicated as much of my learning as possible into the world of 3D modelling, visualisation and animation. This indulgence became a passion and one which I'm lucky enough to be taking forward into my current job as a CGI Visualiser.

While I have the ambition to become a qualified architect I firmly believe that I will continue to develop my skills within the CGI business and hopefully expand my knowledge base, networks and connects within the industry and become an established CGI professional, in some shape or form...but right now, after a long academic year im enjoying leaving work at work at the end of the day and doing nothing on my weekends!

...but watch this space (hopefully)

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  • University Blog - A blog displaying all of the work produced during my masters degree at Oxford Brookes. Take a look, let me know your thoughts. This blog is now discontinued


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