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I was born in New York City. The year was 1986. A good year if you remember correctly. The Mets won the World Series, Mike Tyson won his 1st heavy title. The classics The Bridge and South Bronx were released. It was a good year for the city. With this optimism coming out of the city I was poised for something greater. This along with my upbringing, great friends, and one of the most diverse neighborhoods in NY, The Lower East Side, I had a good start. However it was Hip Hop/RNB/House/Reggae that had me truly inspired. I guess I would consider myself a 2nd generation listener to "Urban Music" if you would call it that. My parents loved all that was Hip Hop/Soul/RNB and just about everything under the sun. My attention was on Urban Music since young.

At the age of 12 I would be begin my foray into my beloved genre of choice. Recording with just a tape recorder, a glaring boom-box me and my family would spit freestyle after freestyle. Sometimes to hilarious, although pretty poor, effect. Then by the time I was in High School I would be introduced to the people I would make music with now. Together we formed the Label 2JobsNAHustle LLC. A Hip Hop mega group. Although not limited to Hip Hop. We would bring together our influences of the full spectrum of genres. From trance to pop. Dubstep to RNB. Nothing was untouched. In this enclave I would begin to form who I was and what am capable of.

I began to form a passion for wordplay, complex multi-syllabic rhyme patterns and witty execution. Some would say I sound like a cross between Eminem, Tech Nine, Nas. I loved to use concepts in my rhymes and with my execution deliver something unique. With the group formed we would begin to local shows, while also going out into the world. I would do shows from NY to the DMV, and everywhere in between. In colleges and impromptuoccasions. It was whenever we felt like letting loose.

In 2009, the label released its first mix tape. Titled "Lego My Nego" by Nego Trendz. It was received with positive reviews across the board. A unique take on the Hip Hop genre. That same year saw the release of No-Ez's "To infinity and Beyond" which also saw good reviews. Then came Quess. A Reggae artist with a sound all his own. He released the Mixtape "Untitiled" and it was definitely a treat for the ears.

That same year we were sponsored by Brooklyn's own Brooklyn Ware House, Nort/Recon. A urban brand that saw the likes of many artist and fashion sensitive people in the New York scene.

Then came 2011. In that year we released the labels mix tape "Doom Ship Riddin Music". A cd showcasing all of the labels strengths. A tape that never let up. But we arent finished yet.
By the end of 2011, you will see my debut mixtape "The Weather Man Mixtape" as well as "The Stoop Kids", a mixtape featuring many collaborators but focusing on myself and fellow artist Rod A Stuy. With my upbringing and my many influences I only look to make it in the dog eat dog industry, with will power, determination, hustle, and drive. Come join me on this journey.

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