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Welcome to Planet Pink n’ Green where we believe in simple living. But what does that really mean? To us it means using as little as we need and making sure that the things we use are made from what is pure and natural.

As consumers, we are increasingly concerned about how we spend our dollars and in the process we’ve become more discerning not only about that which doesn’t harm other life; but also about that which does something to support it.

This brings us to the crossroads of many aspects of 21st century culture including: technology, social change, philosophy, science, health, nutrition, eco-awareness and sustainability.

As PPnG has evolved over the past two years, it has become more than just a blog. It is a global online community and lifestyle magazine dedicated to reporting on those who are engaging in new ideas, and contributing to a better, more thoughtful world. Our loyal audience are passionate collaborators, celebrate the arts and culture, and believe in the importance of sustainable living.

We welcome you as a participant and invite you to share in our growing community.

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