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Cleveland, OH

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“Being out in front of people and just being ‘The Man’” might sound like a vague and ridiculous dream to have, but for Aaron Effinger it might be the most appropriate thought to cross any mind. Better known as Ace, the son of a single mother has always had his eye on being a new standard by which cool is measured. Rapping since the ninth grade and starting to record music at 14 was probably a step in the right direction. The next best move? Inking a deal to Sky Fam Entertainment.

Recently having a life struggle of debating on whether to continue pursuing his college football career or just finish school and put 100% in his God given musical talents. As we now know his choice was music. In taking his craft very serious he is back cooler than ever.

He and his GMN team has hit the ground running in 2011 and is expected to release his 1st mixtape in Spring of 2012.

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