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Welcome to Ethereal Tones!
I’m Tom the admin for this site. I Love traveling through the sonicspheres of Ambient, Space, Dream and Meditative Music. I Bet you do to and that’s why you are here! We are just getting started on this journey and know that we will only grow with everyone’s participation. This Site is dedicated to the propagation of this wonderful, uplifting, and ever-expanding music.

We plan on having reviews, interviews, new releases, podcasts, and streams of the best Ambient, Space, Dream Time, and Meditative Music Available. We can never capture it all but we can explore the best we can and focus on the journey. So tune in or space out and enjoy!

Send us Your Sounds Right Now! Today! Use the SoundCloud widget on the upper left of the site. Or Email Us Please feel free to explore, ask questions, Send us your favorite Ambient, Space, Dream and Meditative Music. Send us your favorite hardware, software and live instruments you can’t live without when you create your music. Send us some Love in any case.

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We can’t wait to meet you and experience your Ethereal Tones.

Let’s Journey through the beyond and share these Ethereal Tones Together!

Peace – Love – Light !


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