Luxlotusliner Creative Agency

Munich, Germany

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Luxlotusliner Creative Agency

Our field of business:
-> Brand strategy and design
-> All media: tv, film, print, online, events
-> Development, planning, production and implementation
-> Consulting and workshops

Luxlotusliner was founded in 2007.
The owners, Gabi Madracevic and Andrea Bednarz, can look back over 15 years of experience with reputable firms and clients.

Luxlotusliner has a weakness for beautifying, improving and making things accessible which gives them a new, unmistakeable face. We are passionately active in the fields of Branding, Design, Film and Production with a particular emphasis on moving pictures. Our clients are international, extremely heterogeneous ones that require a sensitive hand in dealing with the most varied cultural backgrounds in all phases of a project.

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