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Platform 1, Hackney Downs train

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These are a selection of talks that have been held at Banner Repeater over 2010-12. All camera work is by Warren Garland.

Banner Repeater is an artist led reading room and project space, founded by Ami Clarke in 2009, situated on Platform 1, Hackney Downs railway station, London E8 1LA.

The reading room holds an archive dedicated to artists’ printed material and is home to Publish and be Damned's public library. It provides an important bibliographic resource that all visitors to BR can browse. The bookshop holds a selection of artists' publications for sale.

The project space has an ambitious exhibition programme of new art work installed in a highly visible and accessible location and a vigorous programme of talks, events and performance.

The project is driven by its location, dedicated to developing critical art in the natural interstice the platform and incidental footfall of over 4,000 passengers a day provides. This is achieved by rush-hour opening times that attract commuters, and an open door policy maintained 6 days a week.

The emphasis on multiple points of dissemination, via pamphlets and posters published from the site, and the other free material we distribute, as well as on-line activities, and the siting of the archive of artists’ printed material as a public library; a resource to be utilised by both local community and visitors in a working station environment, remain key.

The project has been supported in 2010/11 by an Empty Shop Fund grant from the local government initiative; Arts in Empty Spaces, and an Arts Council England grant. Banner Repeater is one of a series of projects supported by Hackney Council intended to bring empty shops and premises back to life. The projects are financed by central government funding awarded to the Council, and are to provide activities that will benefit Hackney 's residents and visitors.

Banner Repeater has recently been successful in an application for Arts Council England Grants for the Arts funding, for the second year's art programme, and are also supported by the Elephant Trust, the Chelsea Arts Club Trust (2011/12 artist-led space award), and the Italian Cultural Institute. We are also kindly supported by National Express.

Banner Repeater is a not-for-profit organisation.

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