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    by ArmenSarvar joined

    19 Videos / 16 Members

    OK Bruin filmmakers. I made this group because I think we all agree that Vimeo is such a great place to showcase our work and yet we don't really see much of each other's work in here nor…

  2. Artist Collective

    by Boijon Media joined

    41 Videos / 5 Members

    Recognizing and sharing the amazing work of the many artists on Vimeo. The Boijon Artist Collective Community http://boijon.com


    by Gareth Walsh joined

    13 Videos / 15 Members

    Videos from students in the Motion class, Desma 24, Dept. Design Media Arts, UCLA.

  4. oregelfilms

    by Roberto S. Oregel joined

    2 Videos / 2 Members

    Films, film projects, video and TV, Theater, and the arts.

  5. UCLA extension directing 1 group

    by kavita Sleight joined

    10 Videos / 4 Members

  6. UCLA Luskin

    by Alex Boekelheide joined

    5 Videos / 3 Members

    Life at UCLA Luskin, through the eyes of those who know it best

  7. UCLA Extension - The Craft of the Cinematographer Spring 2012

    by Andre Chesini 沖本 joined

    16 Videos / 13 Members

    This is a space to discuss and show our assignments throughout the course, dedicated to the students and guests of the "Craft of the Cinematographer" discipline in UCLA Extension. Be…

  8. UCLA Filmmakers

    by Benjamin James Magrdichian joined

    124 Videos / 13 Members

    This group is for UCLA & UCLA Extensions student's focusing on film & entertainment studies.

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