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LAAVENTURA was created by Laila and Nadia Hotait with the goal of working with other producers, distributors and creative people from the audiovisual community. Our objective is to approach every project with a set of questions about what lies beyond a given reality. The way that we distill any theme is through its delivery, which may take the form of documentaries, films, an audiovisual installation or a cultural event, but always within a format that has been determined through the original content. We are passionate about every project that we undertake and are fully invested in its success from inception to completion. We currently have projects that are available for screening and have exciting new projects in the works. Our work has been supported in different ways by Sundance Doc. Institute, Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Rosellini Productions, AlJazeera Children TV Channel and Casa Arabe-IEAM. We work mainly in Spain, the Arab countries and the U.S.

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