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Kyle Higgins, born June 12, 1985, is a graduate of Chapman University's Film Production program. Originally from Homer Glen, IL, at the age of seven Kyle discovered the 1978 version of Superman. The movie first introduced Kyle to two of his biggest passions: filmmaking and comic books. With his fascination for superheroes fueling his love of cinema, Kyle began to pursue a career in filmmaking at a very early age.

After two years of studying film and creative writing at the University of Iowa, Kyle transferred to Chapman University in Orange, CA. In the fall of 2006, Kyle took on an internship with The Donners' Company. The unpaid position provided Kyle an opportunity to work for Director Richard Donner, the man responsible for the film that introduced Kyle to cinema—Superman. From 2007-2008, Kyle co-wrote (with Alec Siegel) and directed The League as his senior thesis at Chapman University. As a result of The League, he and Alec Siegel have begun writing for Marvel Comics. Their first book, Captain America Theater of War: Prisoners of Duty was released in December of 2009.

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