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  1. Me neither. I will try again from another site. You should start to see it from 10 to 30 minutes after sunset, depends on your viewing spot. The higher up, the longer you can see it before it disappears in the west horizon.
  2. Nye, those shots are great but unfortunately, it's a jet. One characteristic from a jet and a comet is that the head glows white, not shiny, just like a round white snow ball. The tails are very dim to see, especially the ion tail. You would need…
  3. Hi Strikis, What time did the comet start to appear after sunset? I am trying to capture mine but so far unable to get anything. I started my timelapse from sunset time to 1hr after sunset, and none of my shots show the comet. I was scanning the…
  4. I was out today, March 16th, at 7pm and taking time lapse with my T2i to 8:15pm and guess what, nothing showed up in my shots. It looks like I have to take shots from an overhead express way bridge to stay clear from treeline. It's not as easy as…
  5. It's definitely a jet trail. The comet is tiny and it appears that you still have a lot of sun light left. Not only that, it's supposed to be close to horizon, about 10-15degree, which is about your fist size .