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For me, photography is just a way to fix and arrest those images, that make me curious for a moment. Do not build images by putting posing subjects or changing what I photograph, this would mean losing that moment that I consider especially curious and pollute my phylosophy and the soul of my pictures. Take a pictures, nothing else interests me, walking alone, looking, listening, waiting, and accepting that the streets, in my solitary explorations, make me to cross.

Giovanni was born in July 9, 1979 in Verona,

Has traveled to Nicaragua, Colombia, Perù, Bolivia, Panama, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkye, Iran, Iraq, Marocco, Kenya and full Europe.
Between 2007-2010 he spent more than 2 year in Albania to explore it by hitchhiking.
Between 2009-2010 he traveled from Italy to Iraq by hitchhiking for take pictures of street life, sleeping on the street, living on the road.

Currently lives and works in La Paz, Bolivia and continues his photographic research by walking every day for the corners of the Bolivian Capital.


2011 Camera Sud video productions, Workshop street photography

2008 to present Collaboration with Noema Press Agency, Rome, Italy


2011 Cortona On The Move. Fotografia IN Viaggio
Esposizione reportage "Il festival religioso in onore di Pir Shalar"

2008 Milano
Esposizione sul tema "Viaggiatori al tempo del Design"

Tear Sheets

2008-2011 Inserto mensile del quotidiano Libero V&V

2008-2011 Rivista Goods

2008-2012 Rivista di sicurezza, geopolitica e intelligence Theorema

2009 web site Osservatorio Balcani
Reportage "Albania" e "A Mitrovica nei giorni dell'indipendenza", (Mitrovica in the day of Independence).

2011 web site Etnie Impegno e Cultura Multirazziale


2009 2° Prize - Premio di Fotografia Aldo Nascimben 11° Edition

2009 Finalist - Lucca Digital Photo Contest

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