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Jeff is a self-taught computer artist with over 19 years of experience. His initial introduction to the computer was with PageMaker, but he switched to Quark 1.0 when it was first introduced in 1987. Having arrived on the desktop publishing scene so early, Jeff became the “go to” guy for answers when others started getting into computer graphics.

As an Adobe Certified Expert, he’s provided online support for Adobe and is now an Adobe Certified Training Provider for both Adobe Illustrator CS5 and Adobe InDesign CS5. Jeff is one of just a handful of Adobe Certified Instructors in the New York metropolitan area. He also is a Quark Certified Expert in QuarkXPress 6 as well as a master of Adobe Photoshop and related applications.

He counts among his training clients ad agencies, design studios, magazines, illustrators, and photographers located on the East Coast of the USA.

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  1. Hey Jeff i was so impatient to test it on my Illustrator CC. But sadly this functionnality is not available - at least in Europe. Do you know when it will be released or do we have to install something to get it work ? Best Pol