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Dave White, (born David White) was born in southern Sydney, Australia, to Ian and Jill White.

He commenced his acting study in his early teen years at the Sydney based Shopfront Theatre and various NIDA short courses. Following high school, he completed a Diploma of Theatre Performance at the Sydney Theatre School. Dave then was accepted into the two year intensive course in screen acting at Screenwise, graduating at the end of 2011.

Since graduating, Dave made his big screen debut in early 2012 playing the surfer character Mitch Martin in the 2013 Australian feature film '1500 Steps'. Following that Dave landed his first lead role in the 2013 Australian comedy 'Bush Boys' playing the hilarious party boy Bob.

Most recently, Dave played a role in the Australian documentary/feature film entitled "Leeton - The Formative Years".

Over the years, Dave's experience and range stretches across many various feature length & short films, theatre productions, music videos, voiceover and even radio.

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