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"Resonating Bodies" is a series of mixed media installations and community outreach projects which focuses on biodiversity of pollinators indigenous to the natural and urban ecosystems of the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Resonating Bodies’ projects illuminate aspects of Canada’s biodiversity through focusing on pollination ecology, with special attention paid to the intersection of native bees, habitat and coevolution of plants and pollinators of the Greater Toronto Area. Art installations and other activities reveal aspects of local biodiversity through investigating bumblebee colonies and their foraging activities, ultraviolet bee vision, pollinator/plant co-evolution, solitary bee and wasp nesting and life cycles, and colour-coded DNA barcodes (a novel new technique for species identification pioneered by Canadian researchers). Resonating Bodies does not focus on honey bees or other bees non-native to North America.

More videos can also be seen at our YouTube channel, "ResonatingBodies".

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