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Nico van den Berg is a Los Angeles-based director of photography with an emphasis on brand storytelling. His cutting edge visual language stems from a background in narrative filmmaking, including New York City International Film Festival official selection Catch the Clock. When not shooting in the Bay Area, New York City and everywhere in between, Nico enjoys working abroad in countries like Australia, Haiti, the U.K. and the Netherlands. He has built relationships with leading brands such as Square, Lytro and Energizer.

Nico offers a unique package of creative talent, technical skill, and top-of-the-line equipment to meet the production and storytelling needs of progressive companies. Set apart by his steady work ethic and passion for innovation, Nico is known for pushing creative limits with a dramatic and cinematic style. On set, his honesty and direct communication help draw out the best possible visual outcome from every production environment.

Nico is from Baltimore, Maryland and holds a degree from The Art Institute of California, San Francisco in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production.

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