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  1. Laurina Paperina

    Laurina Paperina duckland


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    CHERYL Brooklyn, NY


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    CHERYL is a video artist collective and dance party that explores the themes of mortality, mania, the feline-human connection, the limits of shoulders, the flammability of dollar-store hair extensions, and the staining power of fake blood. Through themes ranging from topical to bizarre, the CHERYLs…

  3. Shutterstock

    Shutterstock PRO Worldwide


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    Shutterstock is a global marketplace for creators around the world. With 55,000 artists, more that 1.7 million video clips, and more than 40 million images available for license, we're powering the world's creativity one day at a time. Follow our Vimeo feed for behind-the-scenes access to Shutterstock's…

  4. Inez & Vinoodh

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