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Flagstaff, Arizona

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Circus Bacchus is a collective of performers based out of Flagstaff, Arizona started in August 2007 by a group of friends. We believe that circus present a unique medium for the art we want to convey. We are in the business of creating worlds in which the strange, the unusual, and the amazing are paraded right before your very eyes. However, we never want our our art to be merely viewed from the edge of your seat. With every performance, we invite you to not simply become a spectator in our world, but an active participant.

Circus Bacchus is proud to feature members such as Flagstaff’s Strongest Man, the only bearded fire eater in the Southwestern United States, as well as Northern Arizona’s finest poi spinners, jugglers and dancers.

In our short time as a circus, we have performed for Northern Arizona University, the Coconino Center for the Arts, the Technomania Circus (San Diego, California), and the Coconino County Fair. We love and embrace what we do, and have a great time doing it. For upcoming shows, keep an eye on the home page; we’d love for you to come and have fun with us. For booking information or related details, please contact us at dennehey[.at.]gmail[.]com.

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