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Christopher Lewis Cook is a filmmaker who thrives on telling engaging stories while bringing a fresh perspective and vision to ambitious projects with limited budgets.

Christopher has directed six major Little City Productions projects so far this year. Firstly the short film Void, followed by two incredible music videos for the band Xavia, Lust and Over and Out (each video also comes complete with a promo teaser). An experimental fashion film I Am Disorder. The short fiction film Butterfly; which Christopher was both writer and directed (currently in post production). The most recent projects are music videos for Scottish singer songwriter Amy Duncan and up-and-coming Fife band Calm As The Colour. With an ambition to progress with each project, the desire for challenging concepts and thought provoking stories are key to the determination behind each work.

His independently produced documentary film Skip 11 was nominated for the Scottish Short Documentary Award at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2010. A vibrantly styled film that captures an eccentric artist breaking boundaries (and laws) to create his socially interactive installation works.

Turning his hand back to fiction, his 2011 short film The Cottage progresses his previous projects tackling themes of memory, isolation, emotion and darkness. Continually developing a film voice, Christopher loves taking on ambitious projects and enjoys playing on genre to create films audiences will connect with. The Cottage was where the independent projects began and where the Little City Pictures collective was born.

Both The Cottage and Void have been selected to screen at Portobello Film Festival 2012 in London.

Currently working freelance, Christopher is also a keen photographer, sharing a love for everything visual. Amongst his indepenent filmmaking projects Christopher offers a range of video services and welcomes any enquiries.

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