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Miguel Tejada-Flores is a screenwriter. To see some (most of) the films he has written or otherwise dreamed up, look him up on imdb. The good films he wrote he is willing to take credit for, but please understand that the others...were written, while he lay dozing in the clutches of Morpheus, by his evil twin.

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  2. Blanca Esteve
  3. Rick Tejada-Flores

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  1. "the slower you walk, the more you're able to see" So true, Jordan. This short film works on so many levels, with so many resonances, I don't know where to begin. So let me just keep it simple - thank you. For making it, for sharing it.
  2. Serious props and congratulations, Benni. I love this movie. First heard about it on the indiefilm website Twitch - and ever since I have come back to it several times for repeat viewing. A truly brilliant piece of film storytelling in more ways…
  3. Freaking brilliant. Seriously.