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  1. Les Nordman commented on elegance 2013
    A most excellent collection of beautiful photographs, set to wonderful music.
  2. This is a good experiment. How do we combine film (okay, video, but it is made like a film is made) and dance? How "filmic" does the dance film need to be before the medium interferes with our enjoyment of the dance? How 'dancey" does the film…
  3. Les Nordman commented on Columbine.
    A thought-provoking video. The quality of the video in the first half, as you say, is very poor, so I could not really figure out what was going on. The second half, with the stills, was much clearer and more affective. Thanks.
  4. Glorious. I have loved ballet for decades, and you have been able to break through a barrier that separates common American culture from the incredibly complex, intricate, grand and subtle art of dance. Thank you.