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Having directed and edited a number of student films at university Cassidy began working as an in-house runner for Rattling Stick in 2008, where he learnt his trade working closely with top directors, researching for pitches, cutting together mood films and working as an onset runner. As head runner he trained and managed a team in various aspects of the pre production process. He went on to work as a second unit director and camera operator on shoots for companies such as The Guardian, Renault and Swarovski. This lead to work directing online content including a behind the scenes documentary for Kronenbourg following the band Madness as well as Music Sessions for GQ online and other virals and “Making Ofs” for Clients such as Kit Kat and Matalan. Cassidy shoots and edits much of his own work enjoying every aspect of the film making process and delivers high quality content on time and under budget.


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