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Marieh Delfino's career is a study in variations. From her first starring role in the cult Saturday morning hit "All About Us," to her intense performance in the blockbuster "Jeepers Creepers 2". Gracing Na9onal Lampoons "Dorm Daze" as the sexy and comedic genius Jerry Farber while simultaneously appearing as Crane Junior's shy girlfriend in the critically acclaimed "Auto Focus”, starring William Defoe and Greg Kinear, Marieh Delfino constantly keeps us guessing. Marieh starred in David E. Kelley's "Boston Public" as the tough Queens‐bred hard‐ass turned straight‐A student Denise Demarcos. Her starring role in "Zerophilia", a lighthearted comedy about a boy coming of age where upon entering his sexual prime he finds that he has turned into a woman. Simultaneously she will also be seen as a trashy Cuban teenager alongside sister Majandra Delfino in the much anticipated Wim Wenders vehicle "Don't come Knocking" starring Sam Shepard, Tim Roth and Jessica Lange.
Delfino started channeling her 15‐year acting training and experience into writing various projects for film and television creating hilarious characters with heart. Her natural ability as an actress and writer led her to pen two pilots, “How To Win Back Your Ex” and “Bash” forming A PlayDate Productions with writing and producing partner, Franceasca Seiden. In addition to writing and producing, Marieh will be bringing her stunning screen presence and natural instinct to invoke emotion through her acting, co‐starring in About a Girl as Valentina’s aunt, Cuban born painter, Sara.
She is represented by The Glick Agency Contact Amy Abell.

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