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I'm a 19 years old graphic and motion designer based in Guatemala city who studies 3D animation and feels a great passion about everything related to animation and graphic design. I don't see my self doing anything else in this world, this is what i love and what makes me truly happy!


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  2. Julien Vanhoenacker
  3. Diego Contreras
  4. Diego Contreras  [B-sides]
  5. Pingo van der Brinkloev
  6. Sehsucht
  7. OFFF, let's feed the future
  8. Decontrol Studio
  9. Justin Lemmon
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  11. Anthony Scott Burns
  12. Cineversity
  13. Analog
  14. GOBELINS pro
  15. Citric Digital Media Studios
  17. TAVO
  18. Motion Creative '14 Stockholm

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