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Since Graduating from the University of Wolverhampton with a Degree in Digital Media. Deloris gained experience in a brief stint working in the animation industry as an artist and digital painter for the company Telemagination and Animator for (C.H.A.S.E) County Hall Animation Studios. Shortly after that Deloris realised that although she loved animation her passion of live action was stronger than her passion for animation and what she really wanted to do was work in Film and TV. Deloris has then progressively gained experience working behind the camera and embarrassingly sometimes in front for Talkback Thames on the lively and fondly remembered Quiz show Quizmania . After the Quiz show was unfortunately cancelled Deloris spent a short time with the hire company Procam TV until she was then accepted onto the highly sort after training course in Film and Television Freelance Training (FT2) and has since then gone on to freelance as a Camera Assistant on various, TV Dramas and Films. From working on Doctor Who, Holby City, Spooks, Hotel Babylon, Waking the Dead, Silent Witness, The Hollow and the Descent Part Two. Deloris has undoubtedly benefited from learning from some of the most experienced creative people, Directors and D.O.P's in the British film industry. Deloris has also enjoyed working as a Technical Co-ordinator for The London Film Academy and as a Camera Technician for Take 2 Films. In both experiences Deloris has thoroughly enjoyed being apart of the process of helping to bring many exciting projects from script to screen, and now she is more ready than ever to do the same starting with her own short films and hopefully ending with her dream career as a successful TV and feature film Director.


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