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Influenced by Cinematographers like Christopher Doyle and Ellen Kuris (just to name a few), the abstract and the experimental is what she aims to achieve for the future along with getting her own opinions on what she feels passionate about.  

Denisha has already worked with Visual artist Leo Asemota as well as Director Daniel Mulloy and Cinematographers such as Lol Crawley and not to mention Award winning food photographer Jason Lowe.   
“Hopefully next step my favourite Spike Lee” 
At the moment Denisha is on a number of ventures, watch this space.


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  2. Adam Donald
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  5. Insight Clothing
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  8. nabil elderkin
  9. Monatomi
  10. Kurzfilmfestival Köln UNLIMITED
  11. FEYYAZ
  12. Michael J. Berwick
  13. Matthew Emvin Taylor
  15. Jon James Smith
  16. Jesse Jokela
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