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Chicago, IL

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Film student at Columbia College Chicago with a Directing concentration. I see film as the deepest and most clear way to tell a story because you can literally show the viewer "what you mean" as opposed to having the message or story lost, which happens a lot with art. I'm a writer, a cinematographer, editor, actress with 10 years of training and experience. I want to direct/produce music videos, broadcasts, short films, interviews with bands+live coverage, and documentaries. A lot of my early work in High School is posted on here. All celebrity and musician interviews/segments were organized, shot and edited by myself for my high school's TV Station.

If you are interested in working on a project with me, hiring me or having me audition for a role contact me at elly.zaid@loop.colum.edu.
P.S-I'm also an actress and looking to act in independent and student films!


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