Keawalee Warutkomain

Bangkok, Thailand

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Nickname : BELLE
Born : 1990s
Love : Animation, Traveling, Theatre/ Performance art , Learning and Observing.

Interesting :
-Performing art (Dance/Movement/Performance/ so on..)
as a collaboration and as an exploration to create drawing and animation.
-Biology content especially on mind-thought-action
-To find my own style of drawing
-To find the topic that is really make me obsess and stay working with it.

Behance :

Please don't hesitate to let me know what I need to improve
Feel free to comments :)
It'll definitely help me a lot!


More about me :
Study at School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT in Thailand is a shifting point of mine due to its curriculum as international school which differ from another Thai universities in the similar field of COMMUNICATION DESIGN.

For animation, I love hand-made techniques rather than CGI, but also love those CGI with quality of texture and sense of human. I tried several animation pieces on my own project at school and some freelance works but still want to develop and learn more skill in professional practice after graduate.

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