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Vojin Vasovic is a theatre and film director. He holds a Master of Arts from the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama at the University of Toronto. He finished his film-directing undergraduate program in The Academy of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia, and has been working in film and experimental theatre since 2002. He is the recipient of many awards for scene movement, lighting design and direction in theatre (Visit of an Old Lady, Me,Myself and I, Shadow about me, etc). His films (Breathtaking, Back Portrait, 5 Minutes Each) were enrolled in many international film festivals for which he won twenty-eight awards. He has written screenplays, plays and radio dramas, which have been produced by Radio Belgrade ("I Want to Go to Paradise"; "A Superstitious Story") and other literary and theatre media ("Kill Yourself for Me", winner, Best New Drama "Nas Trag" Magazine for Contemporary Arts).


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