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Southbound Drive is an Austin born Americana-folk-jam experience. Four members, built by the lyrics of Scott Collins, explore the senses through a strong use of melody, anthemic choruses, and pounding rhythms. They are presently working under Sideshow Paradise Records with a make-it-or-die-trying attitude. Southbound Drive strives to make music that inspires and gives hope, while rocking your fists into the air.

Southbound Drive is currently performing the Scott Collins EP (released 9/11) and expanding their repertoire with the new single “Mexico”, as well as “Another L.A.”, “South by Way of Hell”, “The Courthouse” and many more. Each song is written by Scott Collins and infused with the diverse styles that fuel this ambitious group. Partnered with a heavy practice regimen at the Sideshow Paradise Records Bungalow, Southbound Drive is currently booking shows in the Austin area and working with producers of SoCo Sound.

Scott Collins formed Southbound Drive to follow up his 2011 solo, self-titled EP. The four-song album includes “You Break My Heart”, “The Navy Six (I Don’t Wana Die)”, “The Sunset’s Gone”, and “Make You Strange”. This debut explored romantic loss, tragedy, drug-abuse, and the struggle of maturing in these conflicting times. Terry Lickona, Executive Producer of Austin City Limits, described “Scott’s songs sound authentic yet very modern, and he delivers them with a sense of urgency. The music has that mixed-up blend of beats and influences that it seems can only happen in Austin. The songs stay with you, and that’s a good sign”.

Southbound Drive consists of Scott Collins on lead vocals and acoustic/electric guitar. Ryan Goebel, formerly of At All Cost, on electric guitar and background vocals. Lucas Griffin on bass and Chris Saad on drums round out the rhythm section.

A little about Scott,

Scott Collins was always performing in some sense his entire life, but went professional when he dropped out of Graduate school and traded textbooks for tattoos in the fall of 2008. A few months into gigging back and forth between Austin and Dallas Fort-worth, Scott’s car/home got broken into and he was left with nothing but a pair of boots and a beat-up Les Paul. Everything else was gone, so his mind snapped as he drove back to Austin. He began writing profusely and developed a solo set list that he debuted at an official showcase in 2009 at Emo’s Austin.

Scott began booking solo gigs for a while until forming a three-piece country/punk band called The Suicide Pistols. They gigged locally at Antone’s, Stubb’s, Emo’s, and other various venues. Scott was fortunate enough to play with such acts as Thursday, Ryan Bingham and The Dead Horses, and The John Butler Trio during this time.

In the beginning of 2011, Scott decided to put The Suicide Pistols on hold to focus on a new style that grew from folk-Americana influences and a regained passion to live his life for music. He was approached by SoCo sound and recorded his first self-titled EP under Side Show Paradise Records. Overcome by a need to play and live out his dream of music, he formed Southbound Drive and presently tours throughout the nation.

Scott Collins - Lead Vocals, Acoustic/Electric Guitar
Ryan Goebel - Acoustic/Electric Guitar & Vocals
Lucas Griffin - Bass
Chris Saad - Drums & Percussion

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